1. The Beginning

Hello internet.

Amongst the din of the current state of social media, I have arrived here. Prompted by a book I am currently reading (‘Your Life in Theatre’ by Chris Grady), and further prompted by my love for sentimentality, I have decided to begin a blog, to document my learning experiences and explorations as an aspiring creative.

This, right here, is for me. A preservation of my thought processes, my mindset, now. Aged 16. It’s the Easter Holidays and I’ve neglected to make any plans, so routine is out of the window and impulsive spontaneity rules. An impulse to start something new. Something permanent (or as permanent as the internet may remain) to claim as evidence in the future to “This was me. These are the words I wrote, and the thoughts I thought. Here I was then, and here I am now. Proof of the growth between, and the symbol of how futile our existence is if we do not document and reflect upon it.” Here I suggest a philosophy of Socrates, that states “The unexamined life is not worth living.”. I only discovered this philosophy recently, and I am yet to fully understand and accept it. However, I reckon that this process now, is my understanding: this documentation possessing these words that will continue to exist long after they came to existence and died shortly after in my mind. Therefore, this here is for me. Proving the ‘worth’ of my existence to myself, in the future, who will reflect and ruminate on the musings of the adolescent he used to be.

Aside from that, if an audience exists whom are not myself, let me welcome you! Welcome to my first stream of consciousness, and welcome to all that are yet to come!

As my precariously selected site name suggests- I am a fellow. A Goodfellow by blood and by name. But a fellow by means of my existence as a male human being. I also like to think. And I realise that the word ‘thinkings’ is not grammatically correct at all. But ‘thoughts’ felt too final- as though these thoughts had already been established. Whereas ‘thinkings’ suggests that many thoughts are in the process of materialising as thoughts- they exist in a constant state of becoming. Therefore, I claim this mistake as my own paradoxical title! The Thinkings of a Fellow. It’ll do.

Et Voila! The beginning.

by Ruben Goodfellow



  1. Catherine says:

    Hello! I like this a lot. No pressure, but I hope to see more of it. It’s awfully brilliant and I will always recommend blogging as an outlet for any and all musings. Enjoy! And welcome! And thank you for welcoming me!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Catherine says:

      Ahh I’ve forgotten that WordPress likes to amend colons and brackets to actual emojis. I promise you I am BEAMING, not meekly grinning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Liked by 1 person

    2. Ruben says:

      THANK YOU! < 3

      Liked by 1 person

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